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Workshops are offered after each plenary session. These learning experiences give detail and insight into the plenary topic, will provide practical approaches for annual conference leaders to address the plenary topic in their area of responsibility, and will offer opportunities for annual conferences to partner with program general agencies and/or other annual conferences.


Thursday, January 29, 2009
8:15 – 9:30 p.m.

L1 Visioning Leadership for the Annual Conference Church

Vance Ross and Susan Ruach

This workshop will look at how a conference level leader works at developing spiritual leaders for local churches.

DCMs, Annual Conference staff who lead planning and visioning with congregations


L2 Leaders as Learners

MaryJane Pierce Norton and Carol Krau

Participants will focus on developing an annual conference strategy for the cultivation of spiritual leadership in the areas of Christian education, small groups, age-level ministries, and other settings for faith formation, practice, and reflection.

Audience: Leaders for Christian Education, Nurture, Discipleship, and Small Group Ministries


L3 Spiritual Leadership in the Wesleyan Tradition

Tom Albin

This workshop will begin with "The Methodist Way" document affirmed by the Council of Bishops and explore more deeply the Wesleyan structures of recruiting, retaining, and empowering the spiritual leadership of laity then (the 18th century) and now (the 21st century). It will build on the integration of the Wesley brothers’ theology, practice, and music that resulted in the transformation of head, heart, and life (then and now)!

Audience: Leaders interested in spirituality


L4 Forming and Sustaining Leaders in the Cycle of Grace

Jerry Haas

Before leaders introduce initiatives in spiritual formation, a spiritual assessment is essential to know the best strategy for congregational transformation. Because each congregation is unique, the more thoroughly and lovingly the assessment is done, the more likely the strategy will be successful. Language, timing, pace, and history are tools for this relationship.

Audience: Leaders interested in spirituality


L5 A Credible Ministry of Leading

Tom Butcher, Kwasi Kena and Bener Agtarap

What does it mean to be a credible Christian leader? This workshop highlights key skills and practices that Christian leaders must exhibit in order to inspire and motivate others to engage in meaningful evangelistic ministry.

Audience:Directors of Congregational Development, Annual Conference leaders responsible for Evangelism


L6 Leading with Joy and Generosity

Don Joiner

This workshop will focus on developing an annual conference strategy for cultivating spiritual leaders for stewardship in congregations that foster a culture of generosity, joy, and trust in God’s abundance and grace.

Audience: Leaders in Stewardship Ministries


L7 Leading from God’s Call

Sandy Jackson

This workshop centers on the role of conference leaders in helping churches fulfill their call to mission by developing spiritual leaders who serve and lead from their call, discover and develop their spiritual gifts, and boldly deploy their call and giftedness to facilitate congregational transformation with integrity.

Audience: Leaders in Congregational Development


L8 Keynote Follow-up

A follow-up on the evening's keynote addresses for conference worship leaders exploring worship leadership development in the life of their annual conferences.

Audience: Pastors, Worship Leaders, Annual Conference Leaders for Worship Resourcing


L9 Youth and Young Adult Leaders

L9- Cancelled. See L14


L10 Developing Leaders for Mission of the Church

Fred Price

This workshop will help participants to learn how missionaries and other mission personnel respond to the global leadership issues in the US and around the World and the need for more missionaries to be in service.

Audience: Leaders working with missionary promotion and recruitment


L11 Developing an Effective Volunteer in Mission Program

Clinton Rabb

VIM ministry can transform lives. In this workshop participants gain insight into the operations and results of the work of mission volunteers globally and how this develops leadership for the church.

Audience: VIM Leaders and interested persons


L12 Engaging Women in Leadership

Andris Salter

The Church has benefited greatly from the contributions of women. Participants in this workshop will share experiences and learn of new ways to encourage women in church leadership.

Audience: Women in conference leadership roles and program developers


L13 Looking for Money for Campus Ministry

Enoch Hendry

Campus ministry requires a financial commitment. This workshop will explore strategies that some Annual Conference leaders are using to support these essential ministries financially.

Audience: Members of Annual Conference Committee on Higher Education and Campus Ministry


L14 Developing Youth and Young Adult Leaders

Meg Lassiat & Julie O'Neal

TThere is a cry for young leaders in our church. How do we intentionally do ministry with young people that provides leadership development as an integral part of that ministry? How do we make room for the discovery of new ways to be in leadership as a young person in the church? How do we get out of the way to allow young peoples’ gifts of leadership to flourish and call us into the future? These themes of leadership will be explored. This workshop will also highlight resources and tools that are available for Annual Conference leaders to use in their ministry settings as they invite and enlist youth and young adult leaders.

Audience: Leaders who work with youth and young adults


L15 The Church—College Connection

Ingrid McIntyre

This workshop will explore how Annual Conference leaders can develop programs that assist congregations to interpret the unique opportunities available at church-related colleges and universities.

Audience: Members of Annual Conference Committee on Higher Education and Campus Ministry


L16 Transform Your Scouting Program into an Effective Outreach Ministry

Larry W. Coppock

Learn effective strategies to equip and transform your existing church scouting program into one with a ministry focus. If there is no current ministry, learn ways to start a scouting ministry in service to the youth of your community and grow your church in the process.

Audience: Conference, District, and Local Church Scouting Coordinators; youth ministers/leaders/coordinators, pastors


L17 United Methodist Men (UMM) Leadership Development

Larry Malone

This workshop will present an overview of the UMM’s Ministry Specialists (MMS), a new leadership development initiative established in 2007 that is a direct and positive response to the UMC leader focus upon lay and clergy Leadership Development.

Audience: Conference, District, and Local Church Leaders – lay and clergy; male and female. UMM leaders at all levels.


L18 The Prophetic Role of the Pastor

R. Clayton Childers

Leading the church to address social concerns can be one of the most challenging tasks a pastor can take on. Learn how clergy can fulfill their prophetic role in both positive and effective ways. Examine the pitfalls and the potential benefits.

Audience: Pastors, conference leaders, church and society leaders


L19 Building Ecumenical Leadership

W. Douglas Mills and Wendy Whiteside

As United Methodists we have the charge to engage with other denominations and faith expressions. In busy leadership settings, this charge can be marginalized or lost altogether. This workshop will give guidelines, easy tips, and other suggestions for how you can include this work as part of your larger portfolio. It will also give you useful, hands-on suggestions for recruiting leadership within your conference for this work.

Audience: Leaders interested in ecumenism


L20 Global Impact Through Communications Ministry: Shaping Leaders, Transforming Lives and Transforming Communities

Tafadzwa W. Mudambanuki

This workshop will explore the partnerships being created across agencies and across oceans, made possible through communications technology, and how your annual conference can be a partner in shaping the global leaders of tomorrow and today!
Audience: Conference communicators


L21 Culturally Competent Leadership In A Diverse World

Erin Hawkins

Persons who sign up for this workshop by December 1st will be given the opportunity to take the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a tool designed by Dr. Milton Bennett and Dr. Mitchell Hammer to measure how a person or a group of people tend to think and feel about cultural difference. IDI is the basis for developing competence leading, working, and succeeding in an increasingly-diverse global workplace and marketplace. This workshop is for those wanting to develop their leadership skills across cultures by asking the following questions: How does my current degree of intercultural sensitivity and competence affect or "show up" in my interactions (e.g. cross cultural communication and conflict resolution) with people of other races/ethnicities, genders, socioeconomic groups, languages, etc.? What actions might help further develop my intercultural competence?
Audience: Persons interested in issues of religion and race


L22 Clergy Spouses: Who’s Calling, Please?

Garlinda Burton, Kim Coffing

Long identified as significant for their church leadership but rarely financially contributions, clergy spouses will learn the results and reflections of a national survey among our UMC those married to clergy. A focus of this workshop will be how clergy spouses and church members can partner in discerning the ministry callings clergy spouses may seek beyond the role of being married to a clergy person.
Audience: All Clergy spouses and those working with SPRCs


L23 Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century

Fred Allen

This workshop will focus on Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century, a program designed to assist United Methodist churches with predominantly black congregations to become effective in mission and ministry. It does this by linking successful congregational resource centers with congregations that are in search of new ideas and revitalization.
Audience: Persons interested in Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century.


LLC Learning Center on Leadership Development (8:15—9:30 p.m.)

The Four Areas of Focus learning center is a self-guided, web-based exploration of each of the quadrennial initiative emphases of the church. Through interactive learning objects, discussion forums, fun quizzes, multimedia and online exploration, participants will build a strong foundation for understanding and interpreting these areas of focus. These four separate learning opportunities will be offered once each following the foci emphasis in plenary. Facilitators will be available to assist participants with using the technology and engaging in the variety of activities to foster learning and exploration.